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What is titanium?

Is a metal element of atomic number 22 belonging to group 4 of the periodic table and is indicated by the element symbol Ti. In 1789, Greger in England extracted a new oxide from the iron sand produced in Cornwall. In 1795, Klaproth in Germany discovered a new metal element in the rutile from Hungary and named it Titan after the name in Greek mythology. The pure metal was first separated by Hunter in 1910.

Property of titanium
  • Titanium is the fourth largest metal resource on Earth
  • Material suitable for human body

    It is a bio-active material that is the most stable and harmless material. It is the only metal that can be inserted to human body safely.

  • Creates various colors on metal surface
  • High sensitivity / ultra-light / High corrosion resistance

    StrengthStrength is twice than that of iron and six times than that of aluminum. Weight60% of stainless, iron Corrosion resistanceIt is pure titanium in vacuum, but if it is exposed to the atmosphere, it forms a multi-layer of natural oxide film due to chemical reaction, so it is immediately regenerated even if the film is damaged, so it has excellent corrosion resistance even in seawater for 100 years.

Application field of titanium
  • Semiconductor / Chemical
    Semiconductor / Chemical

    Chemical parts material, chemical medicine valve, elbow, plating parts, electrode, etc.

  • Electronics

    Interior / exterior case, MP3, camera, mobile phone, etc.

  • Fashion / Jewelry
    Fashion / Jewelry

    No allergic fashion accessories, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, design goods

  • Infants / toys
    Infants / toys

    Human body-friendly baby goods, non-toxic toys

  • Household goods
    Household goods

    Razors, Beauty Supplies, Kitchenware, Home Appliances

  • Aviation / Space / Ocean
    Aviation / Space / Ocean

    Aerospace parts, ship structural materials, high-strength titanium parts

  • Defense

    Weapons, bullets, tanks, cannon parts, all-weather military components

  • Precision machine
    Precision machine

    Titanium precision parts, Titanium alloy, 3D precision parts

  • Medical

    Implants, surgical supplies, artificial bones, teeth

  • Construction

    Interior / exterior tiles, street lamps, decorative lamps, corrosion-resistant metal materials

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