About Company

About Company

CEO Greetings

Hello to everyone who visited MTIG. It’s great to meet you. I am Park, Yeong Seok, CEO of MITG.
MTIG Co., Ltd is a technological specialist established with the goal of ‘popularizing titanium’,
which is known as new material of dream.

The upcoming future is the age of war of silent resource. Since Korea lacks natural resources, it is necessary to secure technology that can create something from nothing utilizing talented people to survive in the age of infinite competition. MTIG is the fourth largest producer in the world and has been devoted to the research and development of titanium, which is well-known for its excellent properties.
As a result, we developed our own technology of easily processing titanium products that have complex structures which are difficult to process, and succeeded in securing global competitiveness by acquiring mass-producing technology.

MTIG Co., Ltd is eager to establish a firm management base and will fulfill our mission and role as a company specializing in titanium and as the advance guard of the upcoming era with competition of resources.\In addition, all our executives and employees will unite and endeavor to become a representative company of Korea. We will also get closer to our customers and satisfy them through technological development and management innovation and by providing superior products and best sales service.

With the goal of ‘Creating a New Future’, we will become the world’s leading and excellent company that is recognized by everyone. Please keep your eyes on us.
We look forward to your continued interest and encouragement, and wish you all the best for your family and business management.

Thank you.

CEO of MTIG Co., Ltd

Major Profile of CEO

Postgraduate in Management at Dong-Eui University (Doctorate of Management, Majored in Broadcast CALS)
Director of New Media Division of the Korea Broadcasting System
Director of KBSI Co., Ltd
Director of E-KBS Co., Ltd
Consultant of Korea Venture Form
Director of Korean SI Association
President of Korean Information Technology User Association
Adjunct professor of IT Business Department of Kookmin University
Consultant of Korean 4H Division
Consultant of KOTRA