Metal Titanium Powder

What is titanium?

Titanium is the metallic element that belongs to atomic number 22 of the Group 4 of periodic law. Gregor from British extracted a new oxidized material form the iron sand obtained in Cornwall in 1789. Klaproth form Germany discovered a new metallic element from Rutile from Hungary in 1795 and named it as Titan that is the name found in the Greek mythology. The pure meal was separated by Hunter in 1910 for the first time.
Specific features of titanium
  Titanium is the 4th most metallic resource in the earth.
Human body friendly material
  - This material has bioactivity and is the only material that may be inserted into the human body among the metallic materials available in the earth; it is the most stable and harmless in the human body in terms of bio-structure.
Formation of various colors on the metal surfaces
High strength, very light weight, and high corrosion resistance

- Strength : 2 times of iron and 6 times of aluminum
- Weight : about 60% of stainless steel or iron
- Corrosion resistance : it exists as pure titanium in the vacuum but, when it is exposed to the air, natural oxidation films are multiply formed by chemical reaction; if a layer of the film is damaged, other film is formed; therefore, it shows excellent corrosion resistance for 100 years in the sea water.

Application of titanium
  Application of titanium
    - Semiconductor and chemistry: chemical parts material, chemical agent valve, elbow, plated parts, and electrode
- Electronic devices: interior/exterior case and the parts of MP3, camera, cellular phone, and electric devices
- Fashion and jewelry: allergy-free fashion subsidiary material, earring, ring, pendant, and design material
- Infant material and toy: human body friendly infant materials and nontoxic toys
- Life devices: shaver, beauty tools, kitchen tools, and home appliances
- Aerospace and marine: parts of aerospace devices, ship frame material, and high-strength titanium parts
- National defense: parts of weapon, shot, tank, cannon, and weather-proof military devices
- Precision machinery: precision titanium parts, titanium alloy, and precision 3-D parts
- Medical devices: implant, surgical devices, artificial bone, and tooth
- Construction: interior/exterior tile, streetlight, decoration lamp, and corrosion resistant metallic material
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