Titanium Coating Technology

Titanium spray coating
Titanium Coating Technology
  Specific features of titanium coating

1. Rust is prevented with titanium spray coating.
2. Painting should be repeated every 5 years (in case of a ship).
3. Re-painting is not required with titanium painting is applied (benefit in maintenance).
4. Titanium spraying is beneficial compared to painting in terms of cost (in case of a ship).

  Application area
    1. Construction area: constructional H beam, interior/exterior material (tile, roof, outdoor stairs), street light in seashore area, wire entanglements, guide rail of expressway, port structures, chemical tank, water gate, silo, structures of railway, airport, and sea (oil drilling ship), and other rust-preventive equipment
2. Ship area: interior/exterior painting of ships, internal painting of carrier ship tank, heat exchanger of sea water, and sea water tank
3. Others: outdoor antenna and fixing apparatus, lower part of automobile, HACCP certification factory (substitution with stainless steel), and other rust-preventive coating
  Plant business area
Titanium Coating Technology01
Manufacture of titanium-related equipment

Manufacture of LCD washing equipment (CF, CELL, TFT LINE) : 3G~8G
Manufacture of dry washer unit (IR washer and E-UV washer)

Manufacture of transfer system unit, knife, PVC, SUS, titanium bath, and tank

Titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum machine processing and manufacture of welding parts
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