Swanee Crystal is the crystal jewelry designed using Austrian Swarovski crystal and silver subsidiary materials (92.5%).
Swanee Crystal is a handmade creative work that is produced with the excellent artistic senses of the best jewelry designers using high-grade Swarovski crystal, which has the feeling of fine article jewelry, various colors, and precision cutting; it is the best grand designed for the female who prefer simple and modern designs.
Crystal products
Crystal products have as excellent brilliance as being called the substitution material of diamond in Europe and has been solving the problem of scarcity of diamond.
Swarovski, of which the head office is in Austria, succeeded in the production of crystal products in large quantity which have precision cutting and various colors; the products satisfy the desire for possession of jewelry gemstones in the world and more than 80% of fine art jewelry uses Swarovski¡¯s crystal.
The products are so brilliant that laymen cannot distinguish them from diamond.
The crystal is colored to show the appearance of sapphire, ruby, and peridot gemstones as well as diamond. Many products may be designed at low prices compared with the jewelry gemstones and high competitiveness is accomplished.
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