DONACELLI¢ç - a professional jewelry brand with broadcasting sponsor

DONACELLI¢ç is a jewelry brand that professionally sponsors performers, announcers, and broadcasting programs.
DONACELLI¢ç is sold as more than 1,000 kinds of handmade items, crystals, silver works, and jewelries, and its diverse styles, ranging from brilliant style for broadcasting to simple and modern styles, satisfy various age groups.
It sponsors the popular program, "Talkativeness by the beauty" of KBS, and more than 20 kinds of products are introduced every week in order to be used in the broadcasting.
The broadcasting jewelry is custom-made jewelry that meets the season, fashion, contents, and the performance and preference of the performers in the broadcasting and the products are strictly verified in the broadcasting to develop new areas.

Broadcasting sponsoring programs

"Talkativeness by the beauty" of KBS and "Challenge! Housewife popular song star" of KBS - "Talkativeness by the beauty," "Challenge! Housewife popular song star," "Game show, Pleasant World" of SBS, "Hateful or Charming" of KBS, "Male User¡¯s Manual" of Etn entertainment channel etc.
Sponsored performers
Rumblefish, Seo Yoon-jae, Bomi, KBS/SBS announcers, Gwak Hyeon-A, Yu-jin, Kim Si-hyang, Lee Hyeon-gyeong, Park Mi-seon, Kim Ji-seon, Park Heui-jin, and Lee Ji-hye etc.
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