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The coming future will be the times of sound resource war. The country, of which the natural resources are insufficient, may survive in the limitless competition times when it possesses the technology to create something from nothing base on excellent talents. Therefore, the company has focused its endeavors in R&D of titanium material that is the 4th rank reserve in the earth and is preferred due to its excellent properties.

As a result, the company developed self technology to produce complicated-structure products using titanium and possessed mass-production technology with the competitiveness in the world.

The company intends to construct a strong management foundation as a professional titanium company as the advance guard in the resource competition times and to fulfill its tasks and roles. The executives and employees of the company will do their best for reborn of the company as the representative enterprise of Korea in the world and will accomplish customer satisfaction management for the access to customers through technology development, management innovation, excellent products, and the best sales services.

We think that you see the resolution of the company for "creation of new future" and will be able to see the MTIG that positions as a leading enterprise in the world. We want your continuous interests and encouragement in future and wish the happiness and fortune in your families and companies. Thanks.
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