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2016 Titanium Eye-cream Applicator
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Titanium Eye-cream Applicator

Titanium is the most extraordinary metal of our generation and it is called as new dream materials
1) World's First
2) Eco-friendly, human-friendly material
3) Pure Titanium more than 99,5%
4) Medical titanium (biological integrity recognized)
5) Health effects of titanium
6) Titanium has excellent heat retention
1. Introduction of Titanium
1) Characteristic
Element sign of Titanium is Ti and it is two times lighter than iron (Specific gravity is 4.5 times greater) and approximately twice stronger than iron
There is no corrosion even for 100 years in sea water and titanium is the only metal on earth that could be inserted to the human body harmlessly. That is why we use it for orthopedic, dental such as implant without any allergies.
Heat resistance is also very high as 1,650 degrees Celsius and used as core components of the Aerospace Defense Nuclear. Ti has 100 different natural colors on its surface.
We cannot medically prove but Titanium is known effective after the clinical test as pain relief for the shoulder and we could see often that baseball player and other sport athletes wear titanium necklace.
If you search over the Google “Titanium-pain-relief”, you can see the information related to.
That is why we can say titanium is the most extraordinary metal of our times and very good metal called as new dream materials.
2) Why titanium is so expensive?
The price of raw materials of titanium in form of bars, wire rods and plates is 100 times expensive than iron because of the HCP structure of titanium which is the obstacle of mass production. If the shape of parts is complex three-dimensional, it is more expensive.
But titanium must be used for special parts such as medical implants, aerospace, military weapons, nuclear energy and heat exchangers even it is very expensive.
2. MTIG Technology introduction
1) Titanium MIM processing (Metal Injection Molding)
MTIG produce the titanium parts with mass production in using the powder injection molding method and the only company in the world could make the titanium parts with mass production. This technology is Korean and MTIG’s developed.
The purity of titanium is more than 99.5 %
KFDA certification standards of medical material "biological safety testing (animals implanted test)" certified.
ROHS certification
NET technologies certifications from the Korean government.
Titanium collar manufacturing holds a US recognized testing dry cleaning,
MTIG technology is recognized worldwide companies such as Boeing, HP, Oakley, not Man's, Samsung, LG, etc.
2) Exceptional price of MTIG’s titanium parts
MTIG titanium parts price is similar to stainless steel parts because of mass production technology of MTIC. Labor costs are reduced as well. Especially the raw material cost of titanium is very cheap as it is produced with MTIG’s power.

3. The world’s first titanium Eye cream applicator
7) The applicator for eye cream is trend
8) The current eye cream applicator products are plastic coated. If it is chrome coated it could be harmful to human body.
9) If you make eye cream applicator by titanium it is the first in the world.
10) The manufacturing process is same as plastic injection method.
11) It is patented and MTIG has intellectual property rights for this technology.
12) The price is very competitive
13) Titanium has the ability to maintain and massage in cold or hot temperature. If you put in the refrigerator 30 seconds it gives you the capillary contraction effect.
14) The effect for holding the electrical balance of oxygen to the cell film (appendix1)


Titanium eye cream applicator model

Titanium Bracelet for Pain Relief
Titanium bracelets are becoming widely used in the treatment of pain from conditions such as arthritis, degenerative disk disease and chronic pain syndrome. The practice of using metal to treat conditions dates back to ancient times in Greece and the middle Ages. Today, people ranging from golfers to office workers have used the titanium bracelets for pain relief.
People who suffer from chronic pain or even the occasional migraine often do not want to take medication for their pain. The titanium bracelet provides an alternative method of pain management. The basis behind the magnetic therapy is that the magnetic field pulls toxins and impurities out of the skin along with improving cell oxygenation and blood flow resulting in better pain control. Another way the bracelet may help is by pressure points on the body, such as the wrist, in a way similar to acupuncture.
How to Use
The titanium bracelet is lightweight, designed for men and women, and found in almost every jewelry store. The magnet in the bracelet also comes in a variety of strengths to help with pain. A unit of measurement called gauss identifies the strength of the bracelet and measures the magnetic field per centimeter on a surface. Titanium magnetic bracelets can range from 6,000 gauss to 60,000 gauss depending on the quality. The magnetic discs are located inside the bracelet and the bracelet must touch the inside of the wrist when worn.
Magnets may provide benefits such as better circulation, resulting in less swelling and pressure on joints and organs. Some of the conditions that the titanium bracelet may help are migraines, back pain, hand and wrist pain from fractures or muscle strain, fibromyalgia and sleeplessness. Some professional golfers wear the bracelet to improve elbow and forearm pain caused by repetitive motion from swinging the golf club.
Though alternative healing proponents believe in the effectiveness of the titanium bracelet, not everyone is convinced the bracelet actually works. The FDA has not approved the use of titanium bracelets or any other magnet for the use of controlling pain symptoms.
Individuals who should not use titanium magnetic bracelets are those who have metal implants such as pacemakers or diabetic devices and women who are pregnant, since the magnets could possibly harm the fetus.
It is also important to note that although some people experience a relief in pain symptoms from wearing the bracelet, it should not be a substitute for medical treatment from a physician.
Source: http://www.ehow.com/way_5271790_titanium-bracelet-pain-relief.html

Titanium Bracelets Really Work
A year ago, I suffered a severe shoulder injury (one of a few) while playing competitive basketball. I cannot recall how it happened except that it was really painful and that I was unable to move my arms normally for the next couple of days. Putting on a shirt was really hard, sleeping became a nightmare, and almost every aspect of my daily life was affected as every movement I made produced excruciating pain to both my shoulders.
I began to regularly take various pills like painkillers and muscle relaxants with steroids to help alleviate the pain even for just a couple of hours a day so that I could move about in peace. I did this for about six months or so. I even tried massaging therapy once a week, but again it only worked for a couple of hours before the pain would come back again. I was always feeling grouchy and irritable, and it affected my relationship with my wife and two kids. It was an unhealthy and expensive practice that did more bad than good - to my body and wallet. But what could I do...I was desperate and running out of options.
Ever since I started playing hoops again, I began to take a new interest to exercising and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. But my progress was stymied by my injured shoulders. One day, as I was browsing through a health magazine, I read about a new product that was just recently introduced into the market: it was about titanium bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. I was intrigued, but I was also skeptical. It stated its many positive effects on the body, especially in giving relief to stiff and painful shoulders. It was rather pricey for my taste, and being a new product (a small and expensive one at that), I wasn't sold to it entirely - besides it wasn't sold in our area, so I just put it in the back of my mind. This was about some months ago.
Recently, my wife surprised me with a gift on my birthday. She gave me several gifts - one among them was...surprise, surprise! A Phiten titanium bracelet! She knew my shoulder problem, about how I tried all ways and means to fix it - and I might have told to her in passing about the bracelet. I immediately put it on expecting the pain in my shoulders to vanish instantly. It did not. It took about 30 minutes; give a minute or two, for the pain and stiffness in my shoulder to slowly disappear. I was amazed at this, so I tried to do some shoulder movements and rotations just to be sure - and I was able to do it. I wore it to sleep that night and I was able to sleep straight until morning without being bothered by pain or stiffness anymore.
Today, I'm able to do everyday task without pain or discomfort. I'm able to play hoops again and enjoy every minute of it. Now I can play with my two kids in abandon, and still have enough energy to do work on my computer without feeling burned-out; I don't have wrist, neck and shoulder aches anymore from working long hours on my computer. My energy level has steadily increased - although not in the range from my teenage years, but I feel great and alive more than ever. Thanks to the wonder of science and technology and human innovativeness, products like titanium bracelets come to exist. I was finally able to break down the walls created by my pain, and allowed me to go out into the world, free from pain and relishing every moment of it.
P.S. I wear my bracelet everyday without fail, and I only take it off when I take a bath.
Source: http://adinusmaximus.hubpages.com/hub/Titanium-Bracelets-Really-Work

Typically, when we are having discomforts or injury, they tend to hunt for relief from over-the-counter pain relievers. Or even, if the pain is critical, they're just given medications from their medical doctors. Having said that, for those who are a person who would instead not go either of those routes, there are numerous alternative pain alleviation selections.
Titanium bracelets are constructed from titanium which is a very tough, resistant metal. Each of these wristbands can be adjusted to practically any size, which makes it comfy for anybody. It's also known to have pain alleviation healing effects for those who have problems with osteoarthritis or experience a dynamic outdoor activity lifestyle. Titanium bracelets widely used by many sportsmen and also by men and women who use computers for a long time. These healing bracelets lessen stress to the muscles in the upper arm, in so doing ensuring comfort and relaxation. Titanium is an efficient pain relief and it also utilized to alleviate pain warning signs of various medical concerns. It stimulates nerves present in the sore area to encourage curing.
Furthermore, it also has magnetic properties that attract iron-rich blood cells to the affected area of the body. The increased blood flow results in faster pain relief as well as better healing. Advantages of choosing this accessory will additionally raise the ability to fight infections improve blood circulations and heal your body faster by relaxing the capillary walls, as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissues, permitting increased the circulation of blood.
Probably the biggest cause of the increase in interest in titanium bracelets is the wonderful thing about titanium. Superbly white, with a rainbow of colors dancing across the surface, it is beyond compare and contrast. Nothing goes better with an elegant dinner jacket than a magnificent bracelet of this kind. It is not just for formal occasions. Such bracelets go equally well with blue jeans and a T-shirt. You can wear your this bracelet just about any place, and you are bound to get compliments.
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