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Titanium MIM
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I am MTIG CO., LTD President YoungSuk Park Ph.D

My email: ceo@mtig.co.kr, ceomtig@naver.com
Titanium home page: www.mtig.co.kr,
Jewelry home page: www.swanee.co.kr

We are the world's leading technology,

Expensive titanium parts

It is prepared at half price.

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About Us

Titanium Division

1 Titanium powder injection molding parts manufacturing, sales
2 titanium powder manufacturing, sales (Ti, 325-625 mesh)
3 is similar to plastic injection manufacturing process.
4 mass production, automated production, the price is cheap.
5 more than 99.5% pure titanium
6. KFDA standards "biological safety inspection" (animal testing, including transplantation) pass
7 Dental Implant packaging parts: top bushing, stop bushings, etc., manufacture and sale
8 can be a reseller
9 technology transfer, local plants can be established.

Jewelry Division

1. KBS TV program sponsorship "Beauty of the talk"
2 NO 1 selling social marketing in Korea (on line)
3 Incheon International Airport Jeju International Airport duty free shop
4 off line chop
Seoul, Insadong "luxury for tourism" SWANEE shop
Provence is located in Paju
Hannam stores in Seoul
Ohryudong stores in Seoul
5. on line shop
 Domestic 10 large shopping malls
China shopping mall ready
Amazon neighbor
6 can be a reseller

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Best Regardes

President Youngsuk Park